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My Headlines of Quarterly Hogs and Pigs Dec. 23, 2014

In my opinion, headlines of Last Quarterly Hogs and Pigs report are these:

1- Litter rate recovers to pre-PED virus numbers:

2- Quarterly Pig crop up 4%, back to standard levels:

3- Hogs and pigs inventory up 2% from December, 1 2013 and 1% from September,1 2014:

4- Sows farrowing  during September-November 2014 up 3%


All data from last USDA report indicate the hog market has recovered its pace after the PED virus crisis. Ped virus caused a big impact on baby pig survival during 2013 and part of 2014. Death loss from PED virus is expected to be lower this winter compared to last winter. The number of hogs to slaughter this summer should be high.

Report can be considered bearish, because key inventory numbers were slightly larger than expected.

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