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Seasonal Futures Spread with Heating Oil: December 15 - March 16 (2)

This Spread with Heating Oil Futures has made the expected seasonal move.

This chart shows the original idea:

And this is the actual chart of the Heating Oil spread:

The bearish movement has occured a few days before historical seasonality.

Click link to learn more about Seasonal Futures Spreads Charts.


Natural Gas, Seasonal Futures Spread Nov.15 - Jan. 16 (3)

Seasonality worked just perfect in this Natural Gas Futures Spread.

What should we do now with this winning futures spread?

In my opinion, it is a great moment to close shorts and look for other trades. The spread is close to the end of the seasonal trend.

Take a look at original proposal on August, 8: Seasonal Spread with Natural Gas Futures, Nov. 15 - Jan.16


Seasonal Spread with Natural Gas Futures: (Nov. 15 - Jan. 16) 2

Since I talked about this futures spread with Natural Gas futures, it has moved within a range. The spread has spent almost two months fighting against the strong resistance.

But now, we have reached bearish seasonality area (marked with red arrow) and the spread might follow the path:

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Seasonal Spread, Natural Gas Nov 15 - Jan 16

Natural Gas futures are really wild, but you can trade them using spreads and their behavior are smoother and somehow, predictable.

Seasonal Chart: Scarr Visual Trading


Heating Oil futures Spread: HO Z6H6 (December-March)

In this occasion, I have selected this Heating Oil spread: HO Z5H6 (Dec 15 - Mar 16).

It will approach a strong bearish seasonal trend in a few days (red arrow):

A good entry point for this energy futures spread should be if the spread looses the green support area.

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Spread Heating Oil KM5

Heating Oil futures spread, HO QV5. Double Top?


Lean Hogs Futures Butterfly HE JKM6

This futures butterfly was commented on July, 21. It has not reached the ideal entry zone. But the futures butterfly is following precisely its seasonal path:

The seasonal chart includes data from the butterfly´s last seven years.

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