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Seasonal Futures Spread with Heating Oil: December 15 - March 16 (2)

This Spread with Heating Oil Futures has made the expected seasonal move.

This chart shows the original idea:

And this is the actual chart of the Heating Oil spread:

The bearish movement has occured a few days before historical seasonality.

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Natural Gas, Seasonal Futures Spread Nov.15 - Jan. 16 (3)

Seasonality worked just perfect in this Natural Gas Futures Spread.

What should we do now with this winning futures spread?

In my opinion, it is a great moment to close shorts and look for other trades. The spread is close to the end of the seasonal trend.

Take a look at original proposal on August, 8: Seasonal Spread with Natural Gas Futures, Nov. 15 - Jan.16


Seasonal Spread with Natural Gas Futures: (Nov. 15 - Jan. 16) 2

Since I talked about this futures spread with Natural Gas futures, it has moved within a range. The spread has spent almost two months fighting against the strong resistance.

But now, we have reached bearish seasonality area (marked with red arrow) and the spread might follow the path:

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Seasonal Spread, Natural Gas Nov 15 - Jan 16

Natural Gas futures are really wild, but you can trade them using spreads and their behavior are smoother and somehow, predictable.

Seasonal Chart: Scarr Visual Trading


Heating Oil futures Spread: HO Z6H6 (December-March)

In this occasion, I have selected this Heating Oil spread: HO Z5H6 (Dec 15 - Mar 16).

It will approach a strong bearish seasonal trend in a few days (red arrow):

A good entry point for this energy futures spread should be if the spread looses the green support area.

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Spread Heating Oil KM5

Heating Oil futures spread, HO QV5. Double Top?


Lean Hogs Futures Butterfly HE JKM6

This futures butterfly was commented on July, 21. It has not reached the ideal entry zone. But the futures butterfly is following precisely its seasonal path:

The seasonal chart includes data from the butterfly´s last seven years.

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Seasonal Spread, Natural Gas Nov 15 - Jan 16

This spread with Natural Gas futures is close to a bearish seasonal trend:

I would wait for a downside breakout in the actual spread range in order to take advantage of the bearish seasonality.

Last year, I traded a similar spread (NG VZ): Natural Gas VZ4

Bearish trend worked nicely: Natural Gas VZ4 (5)


Spread Feeder Cattle X5F6, Trade 2 (b)

This is the updated chart in Spread Feeder Cattle X5F6:

This was the idea 7 days ago:

Here is the post with multi-year spread chartSpread Feeder Cattle X5F6, Trade 2


Spread Feeder Cattle X5F6, Trade 2

This Feeder Cattle spread is still moving in a very high level compared with other years:

It has arrived to the resistance level with very low volume. The futures spread is losing strength in the upward movement:


Lean Hogs Butterfly HE JKM6

If we take a look at last 10 years of butterfly HE JKM, we get this stacked chart:

Now, let´s take 2015 butterfly away, and the chart looks like this:

The Butterfly´s Seasonal chart (including 2015) has a nice bearish trend:

I have marked my sell area in the grey rectangle.

Charts: Scarr Visual Trading10% discount coupon: 912CA5B4AB 


Calendar Spread with Feeder Cattle futures: X5F6 (9)

Volume did not lie, again:

The feeders spread broke up the range, bounced towards the old resistance, and took off.


MRCI´s Trade Idea: Short Spread Gasoline UV5 (2)

This was the seasonal idea on Gasoline Spread UV5:

And this is the actual picture of the spread:

I wrote a post about entering this spread here: Cómo utilizar el análisis del volumen en los spreads de futuros

Last related post in this blog: MRCI´s Trade Idea: Short Spread Gasoline UV5


Calendar Spread with Feeder Cattle futures: X5F6 (8)

This feeders spread is moving within a range. It seems an accumulation phase before turning up. In that case, I will close my position.

Take a look at volume in the range. It is right inside the support area in the seasonal chart of the spread (Scarr Visual Trading):

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Calendar Spread with Feeder Cattle futures: X5F6 (7)

The Head and Shoulders formation worked as expected in the Feeder Cattle spread (X5F6):

There was a lot of volume at closing. The feeders spread might bounce:

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MRCI´s Trade Idea: Short Spread Gasoline UV5

This Gasoline spread suggested by MRCI is near its seasonal bearish trend:

This is my trading plan (H1 chart):

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Spread Feeder Cattle UV5 (8)

My target in this Feeder Cattle spread is slightly higher now:

Last post about this feeders spreadSpread Feeder Cattle UV5 (7)


Spread Corn September-December ZC UZ5 (3)

After two months, the Corn spread UZ5 has not broken in the desired direction:

The last update of this corn spreadSpread Corn September-December ZC UZ5 (2)